Have a touch of the philosophy of lifestyle by Alena Yanchevskaya, which will change your attitude towards yourself and your space forever
start on August 20
This project
if you wish
is for you,
To learn how to make the process of taking care of your space enjoyable
To enjoy spending time at home
To acquire the skill of aesthetics and beauty creation in your homeplace
To wake up every morning in a state of resource in which you want to create and be productive
To get rid of the chaos in your life
I created a lifestyle for myself without adrenaline,
fuss and chaos. A life in which a beautiful tea set serves for me, not only for guests. Where beautifully served breakfasts are created for myself even when no one is observing. A life in which always being at home I look like my groom is going to come any minute. And most importantly — all that I do is done a sincere desire, and not because of «I must do it».
The main
of project
It does
not matter
This skill is necessary for every woman, regardless
of her
financial situation
marital status
amount of free time
This skill is necessary for every woman, regardless of her
or you are retired and decided to live for yourself
a mother on maternity leave
building a career
to present a new lifestyle philosophy for you
Love for yourself
starts with love
for your space
Learn the basic rules of creating beauty and aesthetics
and you will be able to improve any apartment even without a budget
My apartment 3 years ago
My apartment is now
Learn the basic rules of creating beauty and aesthetics and you will be able to improve any apartment even without a budget
17 text-based lessons + 1 bonus video
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How to clear space of visual noise and get rid of chaos
How to create a stylish house at the level of repair (expert information from the designers of Alena Yanchevskaya apartment)
Trends and anti-trends in the interior
Life hacks for organizing small spaces (up to 100 m2)
How to organize proper storage of things
Examples of how to create a photogenic apartment
"What, where, from where" for each room
How to choose home textiles for adding a sense of style and coziness
How to choose stylish home decor
A list of my basic foods and where to buy them (waffles, vegan desserts, fish cutlets, and more)
Top 15 healthy recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner and how to learn how to create healthy recipes yourself
What is the Medical Medium nutrition system and how to switch to it (Expert information from Valeria Yanchevskaya)
A selection of elegant home looks
How can a woman learn to manage her condition? (Podcast with Victoria Yanchevskaya)
How to store cleaning equipment so as not to violate the aesthetics?
Stylish flower arrangements for the home (from flowers that last a long time)
Author's tea recipes
Video review of my apartment
with detailed recommendations for the organization of space
How to organize a dressing room / closet with clothes in order to create look of the day in 5 minutes
How to remove visual noise from household items
How to store underwear neatly and beautifully
How to organize a small kitchen for avoiding chaos and mess
How to make your home look like it's on the cover of a magazine
Cost of
in the project
By paying for participation, you get
A new philosophy that directly affects your state and attitude to life
17 lessons in video and text format
full video analysis of my apartment
duration of video is for 55 minutes
private chat with a community of like-minded people
access to materials for 6 months
Your words
about me
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Dashulya Golybenko
My inspiration is you, Alena.
You are like an enchantress of an aesthetic apartment, like in the covers of glossy magazines.
We moved to a new house and my great desire is to make everything beautiful, more white air, a lot of space.
Minimalism is in the details.
I bought vases, now I have bouquets with fresh flowers all the time.
Once I was very inspired by the photo of your food, it is so beautiful that I myself try to do my meals beautiful.
Telling the truth, your blog is a real pleasure. For me it is the desire to love yourself, it inspires for the special moments, makes me to enjoy every day, give smiles and happiness. I would like to get into your project, though I don’t quite understand what I will do there, but still for me it’s interesting
Yulia Chirkova
Alena, I subscribed to you since February.
During this time:
1. I have made renovation in my apartment, also we started to make repair in our country house
2. I always buy fresh flowers for being at home, especially in summer
3. I started doing regular manicure and light makeup
4. I began to like making cleaning at my home.
5. I changed my diet and HAVE already LOST 7 kg
And today I paid for a reservation for our apartment in a new residential complex.

I'm looking forward to your project 🤍
You are incredibly inspiring!
Now I am planning to renovate textiles, dishes and home clothes. I want to buy a lot more of the equipment for using at home
My life and everything is still ahead of me: new apartment, renovation, moving, my new life💯💯💯❤️❤️❤️
At the present moment I am taking screenshots of all your Reels to be inspired for my new life🤩🤩🤩
Thank you! I'm glad that one day I found you on the net💯❤️🤩
Nadezda Goldman
I am a mother of two girls, the youngest is one, and unfortunately with the routine I forgot about myself for the last year.
I work as a doctor, my husband and children take up all my time. But when I started to follow you and now watch the content of your page, I remember that I am a woman, and first of all I need to take care about myself and you inspire me for doing it. Thank you!❤️
Eugenia Makarova
Hello! I am not a calm person in life, always active and all the time I need to run somewhere, do something. I never sat still, doing nothing. Alena, you inspired me to be calm and measured in my routine, even my husband is surprised. Thank you! You are a super motivator!
Didinskaya Irina
Hello Alena and thank you for your videos.
You inspired me to make a radical inner change - choosing myself!!! (For the first time in my life). It is incredible to live in harmony with yourself and enjoy every day from simple, as it seemed, everyday routine and environment.
I am making changes in every aspect of my life by following you and after watching your videos. I hope to create the same internal and external world here in the USA where I live and bring you American subscribers. Thank you! With respect and gratitude, Irina
You have a letter
from Alena
You have probably heard the phrase: "Our environment affects us." But the environment is not only our relatives, friends and colleagues.

This includes the space in which we live. The place where we meet and see off every day of our lives. Where we dream, grieve, rejoice, make grandiose plans and restore strength when we are tired.

But if this space is filled with superfluous things that are not pleasing to the eye, disorder and chaos, on the contrary, it takes away our resource. We feel overwhelmed. We don't feel like we want doing anything. We have no inspiration and motivation.

I know how you can organize your life differently.
Tens of thousands of your comments and messages asking me to share my secrets have inspired me to put all my knowledge together.

This is how this online project YA AT HOME was born. A project about how to create your own dream space using simple rules and small daily steps. A space that will fill you with energy, resource and inspiration every day.
Dear, I wrote this letter especially for you. Find 3 minutes and read it
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